RSV lose faithful friend and companion

Wilfried Heuser succumbs to cancer
RSV Lahn-Dill have to say a sad goodbye to a faithful friend and companion. Wilfried Heuser, former chief of the sports desk at Giessener Anzeiger, succumbed to cancer last Thursday at the age of only 65 years.
Wilfried Heuser has been a companion to the club basically from the first hour, when the team got promoted to the first division in 1994. As chief of the sports desk at Giessener Anzeiger he was one of the first to put the team and the sport into the spotlight and into the public eye of the region. He has always been a good colleague and a great supporter of RSV’s story of success and became a good friend over the years.
“We are deeply saddened by the death of Wilfried Heuser and wish to express our condolences to his family.” says RSV-manager Andreas Joneck, who has known the deceased for about 30 years. It was only earlier in the year, when Heuser came to watch a game despite his bad health, and has his last time amongst his basketball friends.

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