RSV Lahn-Dill Fan Club-board confirmed in their office

Germany’s first wheelchair basketball fan club celebrates 15-years anniversary
RSV Lahn-Dill’s fan club-board has been confirmed in their office at this year’s annual general meeting. So again the board will consist of second chairwoman Susanne Hoffmann, reporter Annabelle Hoenig, Treasurer Klaus Hoenig as well as first chairman Christian Schwarz.
The club has a new second reporter, Martin Stich, and also gained new committee members, Dimitrios Koutsimanis, Wilfried Hilbert and Martin Watzel. “I find it remarkable, that not only all former committee members went for re-election, but also got new members into the committee.” said first chairman Schwarz after the gentle evening.
The meeting started with a review of the work during the past season. Highlighted were especially the journeys on the fan bus to away games as well as the Christmas party. Of course it was worth celebrating the 15th anniversary of the club!
Christian Schwarz also gave a preview onto the new season, which will start for the club with an anniversary and start-of-the-season- party on the 14th of September. Further items on the evening’s schedule were the popular away-journeys including the social programme as well as fan club regular rounds.

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