Schell and Köhler prolong contracts

Both players will stay with RSV Lahn-Dill until summer 2015. 
German Champions RSV Lahn-Dill continue to take big steps in their personnel planning. After US-national player Steve Serios’ contract extension until summer 2016 now the two centres Felix Schell and Dirk Koehler have signed their contracts to stay for another year until June 2015.
„We want to plan our future with this team as everything fits perfectly, athletically on court as well as between people. This gives us the chance not only to be on top in Germany but also to play an important role internationally.” says RSV-manager Andreas Joneck about the recent events. 
Especially for 24-year-old Schell, who has been playing for the team since 2008, a challenging new season will start on the 27th of September, as the medicine student will start his practical year as a doctor in October as well. “It will be a tough year, I will hardly get a spare minute between my training as a doctor and playing for RSV.” 
His team-mate Dirk Koehler on the other hand will be playing 24th season with RSV, where he has won more titles than any other player in the history of this sport in Germany. The 46-year-old is still in absolute top-form! 

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