RSV halfway there on the way to Euro Cup

RSV Lahn-Dill are getting closer to their goal in Madrid early in May. The team won their second game of the day at IWBF EuroLeague in Wetzlar against Padua Milleniu Basket 84:46 (25:6/44:19/65:35). This means the team is still leading the table without any negative points. 
It was clear from the star, that RSV were dominating the game against the last team of the Italian Series A. Captain Michael Paye and his team put on pressure, got a lot of steals and were already leading 25:6 after the first quarter. The game continued in the same manner, even though the opposition improved on their offence. 
RSV-head coach Nicolai Zeltinger used the game to give every one of his twelve players the chance to get on the court, especially useful for centre David Amend, who had his first time playing at a EuroLeague game, gaining his first international points. 
Lahn-Dill: Thomas Böhme (15), Michael Paye (15), Joe Bestwick (13), Steve Serio (13/1 Dreier), Jan Haller (6), Björn Lohmann (6), Felix Schell (7), David Amend (4), Dirk Köhler (3), Annabel Breuer, Christopher Huber, Marco Zwerger.
Padua: Nicola Favretto (15), Eriond Rrasa (11), Marco Dal Fitto (10), Rida Maataoui (4), Mark Peter Scholefield (3), Enrico Foffano (2), Silvia Giacobbo Dal Pra (1), Stefano Scantamburlo, Giacomo Tosatto. 

RSV-Magazin Defense