Great start into EuroLeague against Hyéres

French runner-up defeated by RSV
RSV Lahn-Dill had a great start into the IWBF EuroLeague on Friday afternoon. The five-fold Champions Cup winners from Wetzlar won with a great points difference against below-strength Hyéres Handi Basket 87:37 (18:13/42:21/63:31) and therefore went straight to the to of the table. Top-scorer of the game, which was played in front of about 700 spectators, was captain Michael Paye with 26 points and ten assists. 
But it took RSV a couple of minutes to get into gear. After two and a half minutes the score was 7:2 for the team from the French Mediterranean coast. But RSV managed to change the course already before half-time to 18:9 (8th min) by Steve Serio and was able to widen the points difference to the guests to 42:21 before half-time.  
Right after half time it was especially centre Joe Bestwick who had a great game, scoring 15 points in only thirteen minutes on court and a hit-ratio of 88 per cent. The game was decided after the third quarter when the score was 63:31, and the Wetzlar team did not drop their performance during the last quarter.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (26), Joe Bestwick (15), Thomas Böhme (12), Dirk Köhler (10), Steve Serio (8), Björn Lohmann (6), Jan Haller (4), Felix Schell (4), Christopher Huber (2), Annabel Breuer, Marco Zwerger, David Amend (n.e.).
Hyéres: Joshua Turek (16), Nicolas Jouanserre (7), Aissa Falempe (6), Jerome Duran (4), Joshua Rodriguez (2), Yvan Toscano (2), Lackhdar Badache, Alexandre Brunet. 

RSV-Magazin Defense