Biggest defeat of the season for Hamburg

RSV Lahn-Dill demonstrate their strength at home with 80:40
Top-of-the-table team RSV Lahn-Dill won their fourth home-game within five weeks and continue playing the Bundesliga (RBBL) unbeaten. After 40 minutes Hamburg had to accept their biggest defeat of this year when they lost 40:80 (8:26/20:43/24:63).
RSV started off strong and only in minute 3 of the game Steve Serio had scored his first three leading to 10:0, heading for the win. This forced BG Baskets coach Holger Glinicki to an early time-out, but it did not seem to have helped. Captain Michael Paye and his team pushed the score up via 20:4 (8th min) towards 35:12 (15th min) and therefore managed an early decision for this 16th game of the RBBL.
“Our starting five showed a great performance” said RSV-head coach Nicolai Zeltinger after the game, obviously impressed by his team. “With our substitutions we were able to make great decisions in the defence, which did make life hard for Hamburg.” Extraordinary was especially Steve Serio, who was just unstoppable, and Hamburg did not have anything to set against him. The 26-year-old became top-scorer of the game with 25 points.
RSV had their strongest phase after half-time, starting with 43:20, and they managed to push the score via 51:20 (25th min, Thomas Boehme) up to 67:24 (32nd min, David Amend). Only Czech centre Lukas Hartig and Japanese shooter Hiroaki Kozai with two threes were able to polish up the result a little bit in the final minutes of the game. There was not a lot to be seen of Dutch national players Robin Poggenwisch and Marc van de Kuilen, whilst former RSV-players Gesche Schuenemann and Annika Zeyen added five and three points respectively.
The obvious result of the game was also mirrored in the stats of the game. RSV dominated with 46:32 rebounds, scoring 47 percent off court as well as 81 percent in free-throws. On the other side Hamburg received 12 steals and had a hit ratio under 30 percent. “This was certainl a sovereign performance before the last two games of the season.” says Nicolai Zeltinger after the duel with his National team colleague Holger Glinicki. Not only the US-boys Michael Paye and Steve Serio had great days, but also Annabel Breuer and Dirk Koehler.
Next weekend the Middle Hesse team will be hosted by definitely relegated team Hannover United, before their final game against Koeln 99ers on the 22nd of February at home.
Lahn-Dill: Steve Serio (25/1 Dreier), Michael Paye (23/1), Joe Bestwick (12), Thomas Böhme (6), Dirk Köhler (6), Björn Lohmann (4), David Amend (2), Felix Schell (2), Annabel Breuer, Jan Haller, Christopher Huber, Marco Zwerger.
Hamburg: Hiroaki Kozai (16/2), Lukas Hartig (10), Gesche Schünemann (5), Annika Zeyen (3), Nikolaus Classen (2), Jan-Niklas Neuroth (2), Dirk Thalheim (2), Marc van de Kuilen, Maya Lindholm, Robin Poggenwisch. 

RSV-Magazin Defense