Thomas Böhme is Giessen’s athlete of the year

Junior World-Champion becomes first before Handball-National Player Kevin Schmidt
The same as Annabel Breuer for Wetzlar, now Thomas Boehme has been voted athlete of the year in Giessen. The award has been given for the 18th time and been hosted by Giessener Anzeiger and Karstadt Sport. Thomas Boehme won with the wafer-thin margin of two points against HSG Wetzlar’s Handball National Player Kevin Schmidt.
Hit Radio FFH host Frank Piroth congratulated the 22-year-old in front of about 200 guests from politics, economy, and sports, and the laudations were held by RSV-institution Dirk Koehler, who had been nominated with the award in the past as well.
The other awards were a bit more obvious in other categories. Female athlete of the year is track-and-field athlete Ann-Christin Strack of LAZ Giessen, and Team of the year has become Giessen-eight in rowing. The title of trainer of the year went to Kai Wandschneider from HSG Wetzlar, who won the title in the last two years as well. The most obvious result was in the category of young athletes, where the title went to track-and-field-athlete Lisa Mayer from LG Langgoens-Oberkleen.
RSV Lahn-Dill would like to congratulate all athletes for their success and say Thank You to the organisers Giessener Anzeiger and Karstadt Sport, who have been partners for a long time.
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