RSV beats Trier 103:51

103:51 win against Trier means early qualification for the playoffs
RSV Lahn-Dill did not only go into triple figures with their 103:51 win over Goldmann Dolphins Trier, but also given a first taste on the upcoming weekend in Zwickau. At the same time this win meant that last year’s title defendants are the first ones to qualify for the playoffs 2014.
About 900 visitors came to see their team play with obvious fun and a great offence against the guests from Trier, who, thanks to their as well offensive play, offered the audience an exciting game to watch.
Dirk Koehler had scored a three-point-play after only six minutes leading to 13:4, getting everyone fired up for more. This quick start for RSV was at the same time the alarm for the team from the Mosel, who started an exchange of blows with the ten-fold champions but was lacking concentration in their defence. Especially Dirk Passiwan held his team relatively close to the hosts though, keeping the score up with two threes at 29:19 (14th min) and 40:28 (18th min).
Offensively awesome were on RSV-side particularly captain Michael Paye and Centre Dirk Koehler. Both had already added 13 points each at the middle of the second quarter, before British European Champion Joe Bestwick ran hot with seven points within 70 seconds, pushing to 47:28 (19th min). “I’m especially happy with the quality of our play coming fresh from the bench. It doesn’t matter who comes onto the court, we manage to keep the high intensity of the game up without disruption.” RSV-coach Nicolai Zeltinger is very happy already after the first half.
RSV’s dominance over the game became even more noticeable after change-over, when Trier’s hit-ratio deflated as RSV put on more defensive pressure. A 22:1-run between the 22nd and 27th minute got the opposition close to folding. Only Passiwan was able to do a little touching up to the score, hitting four of six free-throws and two more baskets after the third quarter.
Whilst the ending of the game was pretty clear at 81:44 (30th min) for RSV, the audience was anticipating the breaking of the 100 points barrier. It took five attempts though, until top-scorer Michael Paye scored 63 seconds before the final whistle, getting the fans up for a standing ovation.
“It was a good performance of the team, one that we not expected to become so clear.” said head-coach Zeltinger after the game, highlighting as well as top-scorers Koehler and Paye, Junior World Champion Thomas Boehme for good organisation of plays. After this game RSV are not only still without any lost points down to defeat, but also got their ticket to the playoff semi-final early. The “best-of-three”-tournament will be held in March. On the upcoming weekend the team will be travelling to play the classic match in Zwickau.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (34/1 Dreier), Dirk Koehler (27), Steve Serio (16/1), Joe Bestwick (11), Thomas Boehme (11), Jan Haller (4), Annabel Breuer, Christopher Huber, Bjoern Lohmann, Felix Schell, Marco Zwerger.
Trier: Dirk Passiwan (30/2), Janet McLachlan (7), Karlis Podnieks (6), Chad Jassman (3), Yoomin Peter Won (3), Diana Dadzite (2), Florian Ewertz, Martin Koltes, Tyler Saunders, Dirk Schmitz (n.e.). 

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