Final Four 2014 in Elxleben

DRS-cup semi-final against Heidelberg
The DRS-cup Final Four 2014 will take place on the 29th and 30th March 2014 in Elxleben. Cup-official Peter Roeder (Zirndorf) awarded the team with the 30th of these tournaments after they bid for hosting it. As well as RSV Lahn Dill last year’s finalists Mainhatten Skywheelers, SGK Heidelberg and the hosting team have qualified.
The Wetzlar team will first play bottom-of-the-Bundesliga-table Heidelberg, before Thueringen play against the Hesse opposition from Frankfurt. The finals will then be played on Sunday, the 30th at the same time as the Saturday games. Exact times have not officially been released yet.
The very first winners of the cup were in 1985 RSG Koblenz. One title each went to RSC Frankfurt and Osnabrueck SC, two cups to UBC Muenster and RSC-Rollis Zwickau, four went to ASV Bonn, eight to USC Munich and ten to record-winners RSV Lahn-Dill.

The Path to Final Four 2014
 RSB Team Thueringen: 80:35 vs. Jena Caputs, 114:50 vs. SG Ahorn Panther Paderborn/Bielefeld, 68:61 vs. RSC-Rollis Zwickau.
Mainhatten Skywheelers: 67:55 vs. Roller Bulls St. Vith, 86:28 vs. Rhine River Rhinos Wiesbaden, 66:59 vs. FCK Rolling Devils. 
SGK Heidelberg: 20:0 vs. Mainhatten Skywheelers II, 52:37 vs. RSV Lahn-Dill II, 71:51 vs. Baskets 96 Rahden.
RSV Lahn-Dill: 73:30 vs. RBB Muenchen Igaunas, 78:54 vs. Goldmann Dolphins Trier, 71:54 vs. BG Baskets Hamburg.

RSV-Magazin Defense