RSV II: Pokal-out with heads held high

RSV Lahn-Dill II defeated by Heidelberg
RSV II had to say good-bye last weekend to the DRS-cup after two decent games. After a 70:60-success against SV Reha Augsburg the Middle Hesse team kept up with first division team SGK Heidelberg for quite a while, before their energy was used up at the 37:52, “We still can be very happy with our performance. We beat Augsburg and gave Heidelberg a hard time.” RSV-coach Daniel Stange was very pleased with his team’s performance.
SV Reha Augsburg – RSV Lahn-Dill II 60:70 (13:16/35:37/43:52)
RSV-coach Daniel Stange has made it clear before the game that he expected a better performance in this first game against league-competition Augsburg than the one they performed five weeks earlier where they lost against the team. And after a slow start they managed this as well. Kai Gerlach’s three leading to the 8:11 (5th min) was followed by a 6:0-run leading to 14:11 (8th min) and set the basis for a safe lead that was not to be taken out of RSV-hands anymore. The team kept changing the line-up to preserve strength, and this way also 16-year-old trainee Marian Kind got his first minutes on court for his team. Thorsten Schmid changed the scoreboard with a spectacular three to 37:35 before half-time, but RSV Lahn-Dill II stayed pretty unimpressed and shot ahead again after change-over with a 11:2 run. Latest at the 64:48-score in the 35th minute finishing the game was more a matter of formality.
Augsburg: Torsten Schmid (30/1 Dreier), Jürgen Heinrich (11), Maximilian Grubmueller (8), Natalie Simanowski (5), Markus Schedlbauer (4), Stefanie Haberl (2), Simona Ladzik.
Lahn-Dill: Kai Gerlach (26/1), David Amend (26/1), Zacharias Wittmann (8), Carsten Crombach (4), Tristan Paar (4), Christopher Huber (2), Barbara Groß, Marian Kind, Selina Rausch.
RSV Lahn-Dill II – SGK Heidelberg 37:52 (11:7/19:22/26:38)
The game against the favourite and first division-team SGK Heidelberg also started rather slowly and unexcitedly. This seemed to be the same on both sides though, and the 4:3-RSV-lead after four minutes mirrored an intense but overall not very comely game. The Middle-Hesse team then almost asked for Heidelberg’s 9:0-run with a lot of turnovers, but even after the 11:16 (16th min) the game was far from over. At half-time (19:22) it was obvious that Heidelberg’s coach still had a lot to talk about with his unsettled team. Only in the second half of the third quarter were Heidelberg able to take advantage of their opposition being tired. At 24:35 (29th min) the situation was bleak for RSV. “It’s understandable that after two games we were not able to withstand a first division team and wouldn’t be able to keep up at some point,” says trainer Daniel Stange, “but we didn’t fold and kept fighting until the end. That really does make me proud.”
Lahn-Dill: David Amend (18/1), Kai Gerlach (8), Tristan Paar (4), Carsten Crombach (2), Christopher Huber (2), Zacharias Wittmann (2), Barbara Groß (1), Marian Kind, Selina Rausch.
Heidelberg: Leon-Ole Schöneberg (21), André Hopp (10), Nico Dreimueller (9/1), Johannes Ernst (4) Thomas Gumpert (4), Viktor Hammerschmidt (4), Kai Frank, Christian Gumpert, Benjamin Scherke, Philipp Schorp, Stephanie Wilke. 

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