RSV-Defensive shuts down league-topscorer Dirk Passiwan

74:45-success against Trier Dolphins – RSV top of the table
Title-defendants RSV Lahn-Dill returned unscratched from their trip to Trier. It was predominantly an excellent defence against so far outstanding Dirk Passiwan that was the key to the 74:45 (16:6/38:18/56:30)-win against Goldmann Dolphins Trier. 
“It has been kind of impressive how we managed to keep Dirk out of the game” rejoices RSV-coach Nicolai Zeltinger after the game in Trier, referring to the tactical guidelines he had given his team to “double” on the Bundesliga top-scorer. So it happened that Passiwan saw himself surrounded by two RSV-players at all times and was barely able to make use of his abilities. “This job has mainly been taken on by Thomas Boehme and Steve Serio or Marco Zwerger and Serio, I have to give my biggest compliments to Marco Zwerger for his performance.” says Zeltinger after the game, highlighting his #10’s brilliant efforts. 
It was down to US-American Steve Serio, Junior World-Champion Thomas Boehme and even four times captain Michael Paye that the score was 12:0 after only five minutes, before Latvian Karlis Podnieks managed the first basket for the hosting team. After this it seemed like Trier was able to put a bit of a halt to RSV’s quick start, as they kept the game pretty level up until the end of the first quarter. A great part of this was down to Canadian Janet McLachlan, who was successful from the middle distance as well as right under the basket. 
But it seemed like RSV had only been taking a little break, when they pushed the scoreboard from 20:12 (12th min) up to 32:12 (17th min) within only five minutes. “You can see the development Thomas Boehme has made throughout the last couple of weeks.” Nicolai Zeltinger is happy about another great performance of his 22-year-old player, who fought for respect under the basket getting eight rebounds. “This fact gains all the more importance if you consider the fact our physically smaller formation with our 3-pointers Paye, Serio and Boehme can put on a lot of pressure, but obviously has some weaknesses rebounding.”
After turnover the top-of-the-table team didn’t seem as present anymore, but still there was no way to take the game out of Michael Paye’s team’s hand. Via 42:22 (22nd min) by centre Joe Bestwick and 62:34 (32nd min) by his colleague David Amend RSV Lahn-Dill steered steadily to their sovereign 74:45-Success, keeping their position at the top of the table safe. 
On this upcoming Saturday we will then see the first showdown of the season between two unbeaten teams. The game will start at 19:30 at August-Bebel-Halle and set the first stones for the rest of the season 2013/2014.
Trier: Diana Dadzite (10), Janet McLachlan (10), Tyler Saunders (7), Dirk Passiwan (6), Karlis Podnieks (6), Chad Jassman (4), Dirk Schmitz (2), Florian Ewertz, Tracey Ferguson (n.e.), Martin Koltes (n.e.).
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (24), Steve Serio (20), Joe Bestwick (12), Thomas Boehme (12), David Amend (2), Jan Haller (2), Bjoern Lohmann (2), Annabel Breuer, Thomas Gundert, Christopher Huber, Dirk Koehler, Marco Zwerger. 

RSV-Magazin Defense