Roller Bulls run over by RSV Lahn-Dill

RSV Lahn-Dill celebrates 93:25-win against the Belgian team
RSV Lahn-Dill literally rolled over Roller Bulls St. Vith last Saturday. The guests from Belgium were weakened squad-wise and lost in front of 750 spectators at August-Bebel-Sporthalle 25:93 (7:22/11:47/18:63), taking home the biggest defeat against Wetzlar in Bundesliga-history. Top-scorer of the game was again captain Michael Paye with 22 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds, almost a “Triple Double”.
“But I really don’t want to highlight single players, as each and every one of the guys impressed, and made me feel very optimistic for the upcoming tougher games in Trier and Frankfurt, as well as our home-game against Zwickau.” says head-coach Nicolai Zeltinger after a game in which his team played as one unit. The 42-year-old varied the team-lineups quite a lot, which did not have a negative effect on the flow of the game in the slightest. “The defence still worked brilliantly which helped us build a quick offence, where we were even able to add another extra pass under the basket.”
Despite the great work of the whole team the trio consistent of Thomas Boehme, Michael Paye and Steve Serio should not go unmentioned, who did not only start but also give the whole game speed and variability. The same as the week before against Thueringen already the first move was finished off with a three by Steve Serio after only a few seconds, before two successful free-throws by Joe Bestwick lead to the 13:4 (6th min.) and showed in which direction the game was heading.
Despite the more than obvious 33:7 (13th min) after two baskets by Dirk Koehler the team had to suffer a moment of shock, when Koehler got an injury to his head in the heat of the moment, which had to be sewn together with three stitches by team-doctor Petra Michel-Leutheuser. But not even this incident influenced the game, as it didn’t matter who went on court, each one of the players blend into the running game seamlessly. So in the second quarter it was Jan Haller, Marco Zwerger and Felix Schell who pushed up the numbers on the scoreboard.
After changeover the team seemed to slow down a bit though, as their guest’s strongest phase started after the 57:13 (25th min). The game went pretty even for the next seven minutes, mostly down to newbies Lorenzo Boterberg and Samir Bader, until the 67:22. But obviously the tenfold German Champion would not let that happen and pushed again for the remaining ten minutes of the game. With a lot of speed and smart playing as well as a great hit-rate from the court and the free-throw-line, finished the team and as the last RSV-Shooter Marco Zwerger the game off. After the game the team from the Ardennes is now the bottom of the table.
Next weekend RSV Lahn-Dill will be travelling to Trier, where the game will take place at 19:30 at Sporthalle am Maeushecker Weg.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (22), Steve Serio (17/1 Dreier), Joe Bestwick (13), Thomas Boehme (12/1), Jan Haller (10), Marco Zwerger (5), Thomas Gundert (4), Dirk Koehler (4), Bjoern Lohmann (4), Felix Schell (2), Annabel Breuer.
Roller Bulls: Lorenzo Boterberg (12/1), Samir Bader (6), Arthur Fievet (3), Juan Bernal (2), Christoph Paasch (2), Ralph Huylebroek, Philippe Minten, Sandro Nicoll, Stefan Veithen.

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