Giant Banner at Forum Wetzlar is back

About 90 sqm advertising-space right next to the B49
Since last week there is once again a gigantic RSV Lahn-Dill banner covering the Forum-car park in Wetzlar right next to the B49. The tenfold German Champions are, same as last year, advertising the upcoming wheelchair-basketball Bundesliga season 2013/2014, which will start on the 28th of September.
The idea had come up last year already in strategic meetings with premium partners Pfeiffer Vacuum from Asslar. Only a few days after the Forum Wetzlar was found as a perfect location for the banner and centre-manager Sven Martens was very enthusiastic with the idea. The banner was on display from the end of September until early November 2012, whilst this year it will be up until the middle of October.
Forum Wetzlar is the biggest shopping centre in Middle Hesse, it contains 110 specialised shops and has a yearly turnover of over 100 million Euros. Tickets for RSV Lahn-Dill games can be bought at the Forum, and not only the daily 22.000 customers can have a look at the advertising space, but also the about 24.000 cars driving past on one of the biggest dual carriageways in Germany.
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