Gießener Sporthalle Ost turns out a great location

Germany beats Canada and Switzerland – the crowd cheers

Usually grounds of LTi Giessen 46ers, Giessener Sporthalle Ost opened their doors last weekend for the German men national team and their RSV-players. In front of around 500 spectators each game the team coached by Nicolai Zeltinger defeated Paralympics Gold medallists Canada as well as Europeans-competition Switzerland. 

Top-scorer against Canada in a tight game resulting in over-time (72:67) was RBBL-top-scorer Dirk Passiwan from Trier with 31 points and with 35 points against Switzerland (89:63) it was youngster Thomas Boehme who convinced with his performance. 

Points for Germany by: Dirk Passiwan (53/1 Three, Goldmann Dolphins Trier), Thomas Boehme (39, RSV Lahn-Dill), André Bienek (29, Uniphol Briantea ´84 Cantu/ITA), Sebastian Wolk (18, Mainhatten Skywheelers), Jan Haller (7, RSV Lahn-Dill), Bjoern Lohmann (6, RSV Lahn-Dill), Sebastian Magenheim (5, Mainhatten Skywheelers), Lars Lehmann (4, Mainhatten Skywheelers), Matthias Heimbach (2, Jena Caputs), Thomas Becker (Cologne 99ers), Marco Zwerger (RSV Lahn-Dill), Felix Schell (RSV Lahn-Dill).

RSV-Magazin Defense