Honourable rehabilitation against Galatasaray

Good performance despite defeat against Istanbul
In the last game of the preliminary round in Valladolid RSV Lahn-Dill was able to rehabilitate their honour after two lost games on the day before, showing a great performance against top-favourites Galatasaray Istanbul. In the end there were too many mistakes in this game, too, still resulting in a reputable 72:84 (24:15/40:39/57:63)-defeat.
RSV showed from the start that they would not give up the preliminary rounds lightly. Especially shots from the middle-distance by Jan Haller got Nicolai Zeltinger’s team a first 9:8-lead (5th min), which captain Michael Paye managed to increase to 26:17 (11th min). in succession Istanbul got into the game a lot better, but Centre Felix Schell shot the cheer-worthy 40:39 six seconds before half-time.
After changeover it was obvious that Galatasaray did not want to lose this remake of the 2012 Champions Cup final, which probably still hurt. It was especially down to former Bundesliga player Piotr Luszynski and his threes that the game was turned around.
But an also well playing Thomas Boehme managed to shorten the difference with a three, leading to 60:63 (33rd min), before point guard Paye got his team to lead again at 64:63 (35th min). In the end RSV were not able to keep the lead over time, and Galatasaray decided the game in their own favour.
Galatasaray: Piotr Luszynski (30/4 threes), Mateusz Filipski (21), Soufyane Mehiaoui (13), Matt Scott (10), Tristan Knowles (6), Ferit Gumus (2), Ozgur Gurbulak (2), Ismal Ar, Bestami Boz, Seyran Orman, Fikri Gundogdu (n.e.), Seda Kinali (n.e.).
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (23/1), Jan Haller (16), Thomas Boehme (13), Joe Bestwick (8), Bjoern Lohmann (6), Felix Schell (4), Dirk Koehler (2), Annabel Breuer, Gesche Schuenemann, Thomas Gundert (n.e.), Christopher Huber (n.e.), Marco Zwerger (n.e.). 

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