60th success on international court

73:60-win against hosting team Valladolid
The five-time Champions Cup winner RSV Lahn-Dill has not yet forgotten how to win. In their last game at this year’s tournament in Valladolid the German Champion succeeded over the hosting team 73:60 (16:10/29:29/55:43) and by that did not just get spot number seven, but also win their 60th international game.
Galatasaray Istanbul, though, managed to return to their throne winning the final against St. Lucia Sport Rom 71:50. Third became CD Fundosa ONCE Madrid after succeeding over Besiktas Istanbul. RSC-Rollis Zwickau got into fifth place, winning against Santo Stefano 85:81.
After just 18 seconds Joe Bestwick opened the game 2:0 leading to a 8:2-start (3rd min) for RSV. But following this great opener the hosts proved that they also wanted to get out of their last game successfully. Via 18:12 (11th) Dan Highcock helped his team to their first lead with 25:24 (17th min), before both team went into half-time in a tie.
But after the changeover last year’s Champions dominated their 79th Euro Cup game. German National Player Jan Haller and Captain Michael Paye upped the score to 35:29 (22nd min.) and 47:35 (26th min.) respectively, after their team started to put more pressure onto their opposition. The main reasons for Valladolid to still stay in the game in this phase were three threes by Briton top-scorer Dan Highcock. Via 57:45 (32nd min.) by Gesche Schuenemann and 66:57 (36th min.) by Thomas Boehme kept the game in RSV-hands. 
“Of course we are disappointed with our position in this tournament despite today’s win, but it shouldn’t push an absolutely successful season into the background. We will work on our mistakes we made this weekend here in Valladolid in all peace and quiet, but we already know that we are on the right track.” says coach Nicolai Zeltinger after the game, and team manager Andreas Joneck adds: “Of course, four defeats in a row are no cause for happiness, but we won’t let it bug us permanently, as we plan ahead several years, and generally we’re going into the right direction.”
Team, crew, and management finished the season off together with fans that travelled with them, going to a traditional restaurant at Plaza Major, before their return Monday at 20.25 o’clock in Frankfurt.

 Valladolid: Dan Highcock (19/3 Dreier), Roberto Mena (13), José Leep (11), Sonia Ruiz (6), Francisco Sánchez (6), José Robles (5), Manuel Rodriguez, Luis Sánchez, Alberto Carrión (n.e.), Iván Martinez (n.e.), Diego de Paz (n.e.), Jonatán Soria (n.e.).
RSV Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (24), Joe Bestwick (16), Thomas Böhme (8), Jan Haller (7), Felix Schell (6), Dirk Köhler (4), Björn Lohmann (4), Gesche Schünemann (4), Annabel Breuer, Thomas Gundert, Christopher Huber, Marco Zwerger. 

RSV-Magazin Defense