RSV-Quintet happy about their Europeans-Nomination

Whilst players Annabel Breuer and Gesche Schuenemann as well as physiotherapist Pia Briegel returned on Monday from a training camp in Texas, where they also followed an invitation by Dirk Nowitzki and watched a game of the Dallas Mavericks, the Men’s team’s Thomas Boehme, Jan Haller, Bjoern Lohmann, Felix Schell and Marco Zwerger were happy about their nominations for the European Championship in Frankfurt.  

After an intense course of instructions the five got their ticket to the games by National-Coach Nicolai Zeltinger. Marco Zwerger and Felix Schell will be wearing the National Team’s vests for the first time. Dirk Koehler passed this year due to private reasons, whilst Thomas Gundert sadly didn’t make it into the squad this year. The 30-year-old became second in the Europeans with his team in 2011 and went to London last year. 

Zeltinger also got two familiar faces into the team with Thomas Becker (Cologne 99ers) and Lars Lehmann (Mainhatten Skywheelers), who had their last National Games 2011 in Nazareth and 2009 in Adana. The rest of the Men’s National Team are: Andre Bienek (Briantea 84 Cantu/ITA), Matthias Heimbach (Jena Caputs) and Dirk Passiwan (Goldmann Dolphins Trier) as well as Captain Sebastian Wolk and Sebastian Magenheim (both Mainhatten Skywheelers). Additionally to Thomas Gundert neither Andreas Kress (Mainhatten Skywheelers) nor Sercan Ismail (USC Muenchen) did get into the squad. 

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