Gesche Schünemann supports BIO-Breadbox

An initiative for healthy school breakfasts
At the start of their school year about 200.000 year-one pupils received the yellow Bio-Breadbox with a healthy breakfast. RSV-Player Gesche Schuenemann, since last weekend German Cup winner 2013, is patron to the project Bio-Breadbox in Giessen and supports the initiative for healthy breakfasts and nutrition in schools.
The initiative, founded by Rotary Club Giessen-Altes Schloss in 2008, is growing constantly and last year supplied 40 primary schools with almost 1.900 Boxes. The aim of the initiators is to familiarize kids and parents with the topic of health nutrition. On one of their first days at school children get all the ingredients for a healthy breakfast in bio-quality and information about how and why a good nutrition is important for health, power and mental productivity. There are more activities offered to school nutrition and health.
In a lot of German cities and regions are working as a network for local Bio-Breadbox-initiatives for healthy children and child nutrition and are so far reaching around 25% of all German year-one pupils – with growing tendency. The aim is to make sure that all children get a healthy breakfast every day. Another point is to familiarize the kids with the value and origin of food.
Other partners of the initiative are printing company Bender, Mediashots Commercial Fotographers and Volksbank Mittelhessen.

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