Unpolished home-win against Ravensburg

Chances for spot three save 
RBBL-Second League-team RSV Lahn-Dill II put a halt on their series of home-defeats and won their first game at home against Ravensburg 61:46 (21:20). But the team sadly made a lot of mistakes and only got a grip in the second half. 
Especially in the first quarter the team displayed a disappointing effort, most of all defensively the team seemed weak and was behind 2:6 within the first five minutes. Even though they picked up soon, the RSV-Reserve only sunk every fourth shot. 
Thankfully the opposition did not get how to take advantage of their hosts. Via 8:12 (10th min) and 12:18 (16th min) SKV Ravensburg adapted to the moderate game and could not shoot ahead. When SKV-Player-Coach Georg Beschler collected his 3rd foul already in the 17th minute and within the next 2 minutes overdrew his foul-account (19:20, 19th min) an early decision was made. 
Without their old-stager the guests did not seem able to get back to their usual routine so that RSV II were able to get ahead with a 13:0-run up to the 26th minute (34:22). Claus Turnwald and Benjamin Schlabach tried their best to hold against this, but latest after Marco Zwerger’s fast break (47:32, 30th min) it was obvious that the hosts had run off into safety. 
“It wasn’t a game to my liking, but in the end it is the result that counts. Now we can get our spot No 3 back next weekend against Ulm Sabres.” says Daniel Stange after the game.
Lahn-Dill: Beissert (22/1 Dreier), Zwerger (18), Amend (12), Wittmann (5), Huber (4), Crombach, Groß, Paar.
Ravensburg: Schlabach (18), Turnwald (12), Beschler (10), Bayer (4), Breitenstein (2), Heine.

RSV-Magazin Defense