Successful with newly structured defence

RSV defeats Munich 67:43
 The present German Champions RSV Lahn-Dill seems to be as well prepared for the upcoming top-game this Sunday as the opposition RSB Team Thueringen. The first game of the second round started for the Wetzlar Rollis with a 67:43 (22:16/39:26/53:39) success, in which especially Jan Haller and Michael Paye shone. 

“After last week’s game in Cologne we have restructured our defence and are very happy with the result.” says Coach Nicolai Zeltinger happily after the match and adds: “Munich showed a strong performance, but yet we were able to keep them at bay.” He was able to witness a super-quick start of his team who took off to a 13:2 in only 2:31 minutes. A great Jan Haller started this run after only 35 seconds with a three-point-shot and also added to the 15:8 (5th min). Following that the hosts were not as easy to manage and found their way better into the game, up to a 18:14 in the eighth minute. This little point-difference was kept up until the 24:20 (8th min), before the Wetzlar team regained their strength and took off again. 

After half-time the game stayed pretty even, with RSV leading on a good level. The Munich team appeared a lot stronger than they have done earlier this season when they lost against RSV in Wetzlar, despite running a bit out of gas offensively in the last couple of minutes after the 55:41 (33rd min) and therefore headed to the 67:43 final score. 

Still, RSV-Coach Nicolai Zeltinger did not just see the positive side of this game: “We’re passionately trying to work on some changes, and I very much like that. Against Thueringen we need a stronger offence though, to fight back after our defeat in the first round.” The 41-year-old is referring to the top-game this Sunday against RSB Team Thueringen at 4 o’clock in Wetzlar’s August-Bebel-Sporthalle. The guests have been the only team who managed to defeat RSV this season so far. 

 Munich: Benjamin Ryklin (18), Ben Döring (11), Sercan Ismail (4), Florian
 Mach (4), Markus Haberkorn (2), Karlis Podnieks (2), Johanna Welin (2),
 Florian Fischer, Karlis Gabranove, Nu Nguyen-Thi, Uli Schmölz.
 Lahn-Dill: Jan Haller (18), Michael Paye (18), Joe Bestwick (8), Thomas
 Böhme (7), Dirk Köhler (5), Gesche Schünemann (4), Felix Schell (3), Thomas
 Gundert (2), Björn Lohmann (2).

RSV-Magazin Defense