No surprise against the table leaders

RSV Lahn-Dill II defeated by top-of-the-table Heidelberg – Too little concentration in defining moments
In the top game of the Second League RSV Lahn-Dill II had to swallow a bitter pill. The team surrounding top-scorer Marco Zwerger showed too many weak moments against Rolling Chocolate Heidelberg and therefore had to cash in a 55:65-loss (12:19/29:33/40:53).
The Wetzlar team definitely had their chances to defeat the unbeaten top-of-the-table team, but whilst the guests used their chances well, RSV did not put their talent into the best light with 16 turnovers and a 0:12-run at the start of the second half. “I’m very disappointed, as today everything was possible. After half-time we let the opposition take total control of the game.” says Daniel Stange after the game. At the start it still looked good for the Middle Hesse team. They managed to keep up with the Rolling Chocolate’s defence until the seventh minute (12:13). The Heidelberg team struck down after half-time though, and took off after five turnovers from RSV. They tried to fight back with a three by Mark Beissert and additional points by David Amend (42:53, 31st min), but the Wetzlar team was now also lacking on the free-throw line and did not stand a chance in the end to turn this game around.
Lahn-Dill: Zwerger (22), Beissert (17/1 Three), Amend (15), Wittmann (1), Huber, Crombach, Paar, Rausch 
Heidelberg: Hopp (27), Hammerschmidt (14), Schöneberg (12), Süß (10), Scherke (2), Frank, Gumpert, Wilke.

RSV-Magazin Defense