RSV Lahn-Dill II play away the trouble

Convincing 80:50 in Augsburg – Beissert and Zwerger Topscorer for RSV
After two defeats the Second League team RSV Lahn-Dill came back strongly. With an 80: 50 (22:15/43:31/57:45) the team around Captain David Amend celebrated their strong win and were able to gain some ground in the table before the top games in December. 
The First League Reserves from Wetzlar were wide awake from the start and found an outstanding booster in Marco Zwerger. With 16 points before half-time he became the game’s lynchpin and made it very clear early on that there was no room for compromise. The team shot ahead early on (15:6, 5th min) and managed to work on this points-difference for the rest of the game. 
“This was an impressive game” Coach Daniel Stange had a lot of good words for his team’s effort. “It was important for us to get in there after the defeat in Ravensburg, and we did do a great job of it.”
The great offence was a little tainted by a slightly sloppy defence that let Augsburg’s key player Juergen Heinrich get into good shooting positions too often. He was able to score 14 points before half-time and therefore kept Augsburg in the game almost all by himself. Despite some weaknesses after half-time topscorer Torsten Schmid was not able to shake RSV Lahn-Dill. 
With 8 points in a row Marco Zwerger shot his team up in the fourth to a 64:45 (34th min). With another 18 points to two points for Augsburg the game’s final stage was finished successfully and demolished all doubts. With this December’s top games against leading team Heidelberg and the First Division relegates RSV Salzburg lying ahead, the team can now start again with fresh confidence. 
Augsburg: Heinrich (22), Grubmüller (13), Schmid (7), Simanowski (6), Meitner (2), Nolle, Haberl, Schweinberger, Schiffer.
Lahn-Dill: Beissert (25), Zwerger (24), Amend (17), Paar (6), Huber (4), Wittmann (4), Crombach, Schneidmüller.

RSV-Magazin Defense