RSV Lahn-Dill II wants to be back on track

Dealing with exasperation after two away-defeats – Against the underdogs only a win can count
Second Division RSV Lahn-Dill II will hit crossroads this Saturday in Augsburg. After two bitter overtime-defeats in a row the Bundesliga-Reserves fell into the middle-field of the table and therefore have to win this weekend to not drop to the relegation-zone. Only a win is an option for the team led by Captain David Amend, to find the way back to success. 
After close defeats in Ulm and Ravensburg the nerves are worn thin, most of all offensively: “It was clear to see – Defensively we are the second-best team in the league, but we don’t seem to be able to use our strength in offence.” analyses Coach Daniel Stange. Augsburg, who so far are without a win, are the right team for RSV Lahn-Dill II in this situation to find their way out of the crisis. Two weeks ago the Wetzlar Rollis already demonstrated their superiority over SV reha Augsburg and are counting on success again. 
After three games in a row that were tough and strained, RSV-Coach Stange is calling on his team explicitly: “Against Augsburg we have to finally be awake from the start. We lost in Ulm and Ravensburg because we kind of missed the start phases of the games completely. This cannot happen again.”
Augsburg will start with topscorer Thorsten Schmid and  from the middle distance unerring Centre Juergen Heinrich, who are both excellent players with a lot of First Division experience. New talent Max Grubmueller will add to this basket-hungry trio, that has scored 46 points on average of the 53 points for their team. The relatively calculable offence will be the central issue for former RSV-Player Birgit Meitner, who is coaching Augsburg for the third year now. This is where RSV Lahn-Dill will put their teeth in to shake off the frustration of the last two defeats. 
2. wheelchair basketball-Bundesliga, 5. Game day
SV-Reha Augsburg – RSV Lahn-Dill II (Sa., 17:00 o’clock)
FCK Rolling Devils – Sabres Ulm (Sa., 18:00 o’clock)
Rolling Chocolate Heidelberg – RSV Basket Salzburg (Su., 15:00 o’clock)
SKV Ravensburg –  Lux Rollers (Sa., 15:00 o’clock)   

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