RSV sets it straight in the deep north

Sovereign 84:47-success against rookie Hamburger SV

The German Bundesliga-Champions RSV Lahn-Dill returned triumphant from their trip to the north and would not let a chance go begging against the hosting team Hamburger SV. The Middle-Hesse team defeated the opposition confidently in the Sporthalle Wandsbek with a 84:47(23:10/46:28/64:35) and therefore keep sharing the table-lead with the opposition from Thueringen and Zwickau. 

“We finally got chance to use newbie Joe Bestwick properly and make the most of him.” Co-Coach Ralf Neumann was happy after the game. The Island-monkey was given good assists by his team-mates and presented himself in good form. At half-time the 27-year-old from Nottingham had already scored 15 points, and therefore head-coach Nicolai Zeltinger gave him a well-deserved break after half-time. 

After a slow start and a 10:6 (6th min) the 41-year-old RSV-coach switched to an aggressive press-defence and put Thomas Boehme and Thomas Gundert on the court. The guest team now took off and after the first quarter was leading 23:10 (10th min) and after 15 minutes even stood at 34:20. With focussed pressure the RSV defence fought for the ball and presented a strong fast-break. 

The whole situation did not change after half-time. “We developed in small steps, even though we still have to work on a couple of mistakes in in our defence.” Ralf Neumann continued his positive match-summary. “We managed to work on last week’s offence mistakes, the work we did paid off.” The Assistant-Coach saw a well-structured game, which was especially supported by Jan Haller from middle distance, and under the HSV-bucket Dirk Koehler and Felix Schell added their bit to the success. Those two also took a lot of responsibility for the sprint in between when the scoreboard was changed from 52:33 (25th min) to 64:35 (30th min).

In the end the pay-off was an unthreatened success against the team from Hamburg, who now are still waiting for their first win in this season. Next week RSV Lahn-Dill will host their game against ex-Captain Lars Christnik’s Jena Caputs in the August-Bebel-Sporthalle at 4 o’clock. 

 Hamburg: Ahmet Coskun (14), Nikolaus Classen (9), Martin Steinhardt (8),
 Lars Mortensen (6), Bridie Kean (4), Maya Lindholm (2), Edina Müller (2),
 Dirk Thalheim (2), Nadine Bahr. 
 Lahn-Dill: Joe Bestwick (17), Jan Haller (16), Thomas Böhme (13), Dirk
 Köhler (13), Michael Paye (12), Gesche Schünemann (7), Felix Schell (6),
 Thomas Gundert, Björn Lohmann.

RSV-Magazin Defense