Trip to the deep North of Germany

Duel with table-last Hamburger S 
Title-defenders RSV Lahn-Dill are being hosted this Saturday by Hamburger SV. The main incentive for the Wetzlar team this weekend is to hold their place against the other two leading teams in the Bundesliga, Team Thueringen and RSC Zwickau. The game will start on this seventh day at 16.00 o’clock in the Sporthalle Wandsbeck.
Hamburg are new to the first division and have so far not won a game, but according to RSV Head-Coach Nicolai Zeltinger their spot in the league is not down to their personnel and they are better equipped than the numbers would suggest. With the Swedish National Player Lars Mortensen and the Australian Bridie Kean the 1982 German Champion stocked up internationally. Other newcomers are the just 22-year-old Martin Steinhardt and Centre Ahmet Coskun, and with 17.3 and 16.0 Hamburg’s biggest offensive threats. The squad is completed by old hands Nikolaus Classen and ex-national-player Dirk Thalheim as well as German National ladies Nadine Bahr, Maya Lindholm and Edina Mueller. The latter two have faced their team-mate from Down Under in the Paralympics-final in London and successfully snatched the gold medal away from under her nose.
The main job for the Middle Hesse team, who lost the last time against Hamburg 16 years ago, this weekend is to keep their ground in the fight for the lead in the Bundesliga by presenting themselves in a sovereign game. Coaching duo Nicolai Zeltinger and Ralf Neumann thankfully have their recovered centre Dirk Koehler back in the team after he has been out for several weeks after a persistent flu. We will also see two private duels on court, as Men’s National Coach Zeltinger will meet his colleague, Ladies’ Coach Holger Glinicki, and RSV-player Jan Haller will have to face his girlfriend Maya Lindholm in the Sporthalle Wandsbeck. 
 RBBL, 7. Spieltag: RSC-Rollis Zwickau – Köln 99ers, Mainhatten Skywheelers –
 Jena Caputs, Goldmann Dolphins Trier – USC München, RSB Team Thüringen –
 Roller Bulls St. Vith (all Sa.), Hamburger SV – RSV Lahn-Dill (Su.).

RSV-Magazin Defense