RSV Lahn-Dill II books their Quarterfinal-Tickets

For the first time one of the last eight teams still standing for the DRS-Cup
With a case-hardened performance and two confident successes RSV Lahn-Dill managed for the first time to secure a spot in the DRS-Cup Quarterfinals. They beat league-opponent SV Reha Augsburg 75:46 and the Third Division host team RSG Langensteinbach 65:56 after a tough game, and therefore became one of the eight final teams to make the tournament on the 22nd of December in Wetzlar. 
“Even though we did not exactly cover ourselves with glory, I’m relatively happy” RSV II-Trainer Daniel Stange did not want to be too hard on his team: “We’re going to the Quarterfinals, and we have dominated against Augsburg with well-focussed effort – by that we have definitely complied with our goals.” A performance that seemed nervous at times took away quite a bit from a positive overall-impression though. 

 RSV Lahn-Dill II – SV Reha Augsburg 75:46 (19:14/43:26/59:42)
 The team pulled through with their plan consequently from the start against their league opposition from Swabia and left SV Reha Augsburg hardly any chance to access the basket. At the start Schmid and Heinrich were able to keep their team close, but RSV Captain David Amend pushed his team to peak and already at half time managed to bring the game to a clear scoring almost by himself. The 24 year-old’s contribution to the success against Augsburg was 31 points. 
After the changeover coach Daniel Stange gave his main players longer breaks, which did not derogate their game in the slightest. At 57:34 (27th min) it was clear how this game was going to end. Augsburg Topscorer Juergen Heinrich was able to change the scoreboard a little bit before the third quarter finished, but in the last one they were only scored 4 points and therefore cleared the path to success for RSV Lahn-Dill. 
 Lahn-Dill: Amend (31), Beissert (14), Zwerger (12), Huber (8), Paar (4), Crombach (4), Wittmann.
 Augsburg: Heinrich (20), Grubmueller (14), Schmid (12), Harnisch, Meitner, Schedlbauer, Schiefer, Simanowski.
 RSG Langensteinbach – RSV Lahn-Dill II 56:65 (14:20/30:30/45:54)
 Against the Third-League-Team RSG Langensteinbach, who came into the main round due to their success in the Regional Cup, RSV Lahn-Dill II started well into the game with a 3:10 (3rd min). But as it went on the host team started to enjoy themselves and whilst the Wetzlar team acted nervously on court, and they did not expect Langensteinbach’s former Bundesliga Forward Sebahattin Bakoey to become a challenge.  
With four baskets he brought his team forwards and at the 20:22 (13th min) RSV Lahn-Dill even fell back briefly. After the changeover it was again the hosting team who provided the highlights, when Juergen Gessler scored a three just before their 24 seconds were up. 
Marco Zerger and Mark Beissert took off the breaks though, and pushed the Middle Hesse team ahead again to a comfortable lead. When Langensteinbach’s Centre Schmid had to leave the court due to his collection of fouls (34th min) the Third-League team was broken. In the Quarterfinals on the 22nd of December RSV Lahn-Dill II will now welcome the  Bundesliga-Delegates Hannover United in the August-Bebel-Sporthalle. 
 Langensteinbach: Baskoey (20), Schmidt (14), Gessler (13/2 Dreier), Kiefer (8), Bagger, Burkhardt, Hoffmann, Humbert, Lehnhardt, Wendel.
 Lahn-Dill: Beissert (22), Zwerger (18), Amend (13), Huber (4), Wittmann (4), Paar (3), Crombach.
 DRS Pokal – 1.Runde
 Group 1 in Achim (Sa., 27.10.)
 Achim Lions – RSC Rollis Zwickau 45:109
 RBC Koeln 99ers II – RBC Koeln 99ers I 54:65
 RSC Rollis Zwickau – RBC Koeln 99ers I 91:53
 Group 2 in Elxleben (Sa., 27.10.)
 Oettinger RSB Team Thueringen II – Jena Caputs 40:72
 Oettinger RSB Team Thueringen I – Hamburger SV 83:44
 Jena Caputs – Oettinger RSB Team Thueringen I 31:92
 Group 3 in Rahden (So., 28.10.)
 Baskets 96 Rahden – HRB Essen
 ASV Bonn – RSC Osnabrueck
 Sieger Spiel 1 – Sieger Spiel 2
 Group 4 in Meppen (Sa., 27.10.)
 Emsland Rolli Baskets – Hannover United 31:69
 ALBA Berlin – SG Ahorn Panther Paderborn/Bielefeld 47:63
 Hannover United – SG Ahorn Panther Paderborn/Bielefeld 55:$9
 Group 5 in Frankfurt (Sa., 27.10.)
 Mainhatten Skywheelers II – 1. FCK Rolling Devils 44:64
 SKV Ravensburg – Mainhatten Skywheelers I 25:81
 1 FCK Rolling Devils – Mainhatten Skywheelers I 37:76
 Group 6 in Luxemburg (So., 28.10.)
 Lux Rollers – RSV Basket Salzburg 20:0*
 Goldmann Dolphins Trier – Sabres Ulm 91:49
 Lux Rollers – Goldmann Dolphins Trier 30:113
 Gruppe 7 in Pforzheim (So., 28.10.)
 RSG Langensteinbach – SV reha Augsburg 48:84
 SV reha Augsburg – RSV Lahn-Dill II 46:75
 RSG Langensteinbach – RSV Lahn-Dill II 56:65
 Gruppe 8 in Heidelberg (Sa., 27.10.)
 Rolling Chocolate Heidelberg – Rollers Bulls St. Vith 61:41
 RSV Lahn-Dill I – USC München 74:53
 Rolling Chocolate Heidelberg – RSV Lahn-Dill I 56:85
 DRS-Pokal Viertelfinale am 22./23.12.2012
 RSV Lahn-Dill II – Hannover United
 Sieger Gruppe 3 – Mainhatten Skywheelers I
 Goldmann Dolphins Trier – RSC Rollis Zwickau
 RSV Lahn-Dill I – Oettinger RSB Team Thüringen

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