RSV Lahn-Dill take the first hurdle in Heidelberg

RSV Lahn-Dill take the first hurdle in Heidelberg

Two wins in the first main round secure a spot in the Cup Quarterfinals
The German record Cup winner RSV Lahn-Dill managed this Saturday to comfortably move towards the quarterfinals in the DRS-Cup. The title-holders defeated, in an updated version of the cup finals 2012 team, USC Muenchen 74:53 before moving on and cashing another win in the deciding match against host team SGK Heidelberg with 85:56. 
The Second Division South table leaders from Heidelberg qualified for the fight for a place in the quarterfinals earlier with a 61:41 against the below-strength First Division team Roller Bulls St. Vith. One of the highlights of the quarterfinals for the Middle Hesse team surrounding Captain Michael Paye will be the game on the 22nd of December against the current RBBL table leader RSB Team Thueringen in the August-Bebel-Sporthalle Wetzlar. 
 USC München – RSV Lahn-Dill 53:74 (20:18/31:41/41:59)
 The game against the Bavarians started slowly, without developing neither the necessary concentration nor enough pressure. The result was a tired and patchy RSV-defence, which the Munich opposition obviously took advantage of. Above all it was USC-centres Ben Doering and Benjamin Ryklin and their together 37 points, which they seemed to make from everywhere.  

 Only in the second half the Wetzlar Rollis improved step by step and transformed their game from 18:20 for the opposition to a 26:22 (14th min) through new incentive from Thomas Boehme, but had to feel early the pressure of a high number of fouls called on Bjoern Lohmann and Michael Paye. The opposition took advantage after the turn-over and could almost catch up to 37:45 (23rd min), before topscorer Paye and a great and strong performance by Jan Haller brought the victory home via a 57:39 (28th min) and a 70:41 (35th min). 
 Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (26), Joe Bestwick (14), Thomas Böhme (11), Jan
 Haller (8), Felix Schell (6), Gesche Schünemann (6), Thomas Gundert (3),
 Björn Lohmann.
 München: Ben Döring (19), Benjamin Ryklin (18), Karlis Gabranovs (12),
 Selman Can (2), Karlis Padnieks (2), Florian Fischer, Florian Mach, Uli
 Schmölz, Johanna Welin.
SGK Heidelberg – RSV Lahn-Dill 56:85 (13:19/29:46/47:67)
 After the Second Division South top team Heidelberg beat the last team of the First Division, Roller Bulls St. Vith, it became obvious how the motivated team were also going to tackle the title-defenders. A three from André Hopp leading to an early 5:0 (1st min) for the underdog was straight away responded to by Captain Paye with his own basket from beyond the 6,75m-line, before the Heidelberg team could act as equals until the 11:11 (7th min)
Following the point-balance the hosting team were able to flash their potential, but could not stand the pressure RSV Lahn-Dill put on them. Latest at the 29:15 (15th min) it became clear where the game was heading for the title-defenders, and they managed to keep their lead up for now, especially due to the success of Joe Bestwick. The team even upped their game and overran the hosting team, led by a strong playing Michael Paye, via 57:33 (25th min) to a 76:47 (36th min). The game peaked in a festival of threes similarly to how it started when a double success by Gesche Schuenemann was answered with another three by André Hopp. 

 After this, in the end competent but generally rather mixed game in Heidelberg, last year’s Cup winners RSV Lahn-Dill are now looking forward to a Cup highlight just before Christmas. On the 22nd of December they will meet RSB Team Thueringen at home, the only team that so far managed to defeat the Middle Hesse team in this year’s season. The current table-leader from Elxleben played this weekend at home and beat both Hamburger SV (83:44) and Jena Caputs (92:31).

 Heidelberg: André Hopp (21/2 threes), Leon-Ole Schöneberg (17), Viktor
 Hammerschmidt (4), Benjamin Scherke (4), Uli Süß (4), Johannes Ernst (2),
 Kai Frank (2), Thomas Gumpert (2), Stephanie Wilke, Uwe Burkhart (n.e.).
 Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (27/1), Gesche Schünemann (19/2), Joe Bestwick (16),
 Thomas Böhme (11), Jan Haller (8), Thomas Gundert (2), Felix Schell (2),
 Björn Lohmann.
 DRS-Cup, 1. Main Round:
 Group 1 in Achim: Achim Lions – RSC-Rollis Zwickau 46:109, Koeln 99ers I – Koeln 99ers II 64:54, RSC-Rollis Zwickau – Koeln 99er I 91:53

 Group 2 in Elxleben: RSB Team Thüringen II – Jena Caputs 40:72, RSB Team
 Thüringen I – Hamburger SV 83:44, Jena Caputs – RSB Team Thüringen I 31:92.
 Group 3 in Rahden: Baskets 96 Rahden – Hot Rolling Bears Essen 63:73, ASV Bonn – RSC Osnabrück, Sieger Spiel 1 – Sieger Spiel 2 (all games Su.).
 Group 4 in Meppen: Emsland Rolli Baskets – Hannover United 31:69, ALBA
 Berlin – SG Ahorn Panther Paderborn/Bielefeld 47:63, Hannover United – SG
 Ahorn Panther Paderborn/Bielefeld 55:49.
 Group 5 in Frankfurt: Mainhatten Skywheelers II – 1. FC Kaiserslautern
 Rolling Devils 44:64, SKV Ravensburg – Mainhatten Skywheelers I 25:81, 1. FC-Kaiserslautern Rolling Devils – Mainhatten Skywheelers 37:76.
 Group 6 in Luxemburg: Lux Rollers Luxemburg – RSV Basket Salzburg 20:0, Goldmann Dolphins Trier – Sabres Ulm 91:49, Lux Rollers Luxemburg – Goldmann Dolphins Trier 30:113 
 Group 7 in Pforzheim: RSG Langensteinbach – SV Reha Augsburg 48:84, SV Reha
 Augsburg – RSV Lahn-Dill II 46:75, RSG Langensteinbach – RSV Lahn-Dill II 56:65 
 Group 8 in Heidelberg: SGK Heidelberg – Roller Bulls St. Vith 61:41, RSV
 Lahn-Dill I – USC München 54:73, SGK Heidelberg – RSV Lahn-Dill 56:85.

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