Hesse Sports Calendar 2013

Joey Johnson says hi in June
Already for the third time Sporthilfe Hessen foundation presents the Hesse Sports Calender 2013. For this the foundation has assembled the best pictures of Hesse athletes in A2 and also presents pictures of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. As usually there will not only be the best action shots but also the most important dates for the Athletic Year 2013.
The pictures will show for example gymnastics star Fabian Hambuechen and hammer throwers Betty Heidler and Kathrin Klaas, and long-term RSV-Captain Joey Johnson will not be missed in this unique calendar. He will grace it in June 2013 with a great snapshot that our photographer of many years scored during the Champions League Finals in Istanbul.
The proceeds of the sale of this limited edition will be used to support young as well as top athletes in Hesse. Most of all due to sponsorship by Sparkassen- und Giroverband Hessen-Thueringen the original price of 19.90 Euros could be kept despite the new and bigger A2-Format. You can find more information about the calendar including all 12 calender sheets on www.stiftung-sporthilfe-hessen.de.

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