A fresh-faced classic

RSV welcomes RSC-Rollis Zwickau
The first clash of this season between the two giants RSV Lahn-Dill and RSC-Rollis Zwickau lies ahead. The RBB-Bundesliga classic comes with a face-lift, as both teams changed their appearance noticeably this summer and do not know their position yet in these still early day, a question that will come closer to being answered this Saturday at 19:30 in August-Bebel-Sporthalle. 

With a greatly changed squad the Saxons did not just verbally announce their attack on last year’s champions. With Gaz Choudhry, Ademola Oregbemi and Matthew Sealy Zwickau brought three British National Players in from Capital Aces London. Wolfgang Almer (DE) and Joachim Pawle (AU) from RSV Salzburg also followed the calling from Schumann’s birthplace. Only having lost the Latvian Raimund Beginski trainer Aleksandr Kharchenkov has a squad of high quantity and quality, definitely one of Europe’s top teams.

But not only the Saxons have changed their face this summer, and will stand against the archenemy with new-entries Bjoern Lohmann and Joe Bestwick. All these transformations will make this summit meeting even more exciting, as neither the impartials nor the respective teams know where they stand yet. Lahn-Dill were not particularly challenged in either of the past home games, lost against dark horse Thueringen and last week showed a strong performance in Trier. Zwickau on the other hand beat a strong team Frankfurt, but struggled last weekend in Belgium against underdog Roller Bulls.  
“I’m sure it will be an open game. We are still developing as a team, but the same as Zwickau we still have ups and downs in our performance.” says RSV-Coach Nicolai Zeltinger, who still is not sure about an appearance from Dirk Koehler, who is still flu-stricken, and it will only be decided if he will play after Friday’s team training. Also out this weekend are the trio David Amend, Christopher Huber and Marco Zwerger, as they are playing an important match against Ulm in the Second Division South.

Despite the fight for the title in March’s Playoffs is still a long time away and a lot of water will have flowed down the Lahn and Mulde by then, the match this Saturday night at 19:30 in August-Bebel-Sporthalle will set the first stones for both teams as well as the opposition from Frankfurt and Thueringen.

RBBL, 5. Game day: Goldmann Dolphins Trier – Mainhatten Skywheelers, Köln 99ers – USC München, RSV Lahn-Dill – RSC-Rollis Zwickau, Jena Caputs – RSB Team Thüringen (Sat.), Hamburger SV – Roller Bulls St. Vith (Su.).

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