London Calling: XIV. Paralympic-Games 2012

Paralympics 2012 at London promise records – Games return to their place of birth
The XIV. Paralympic Summer-Games promise a lot of records according sports, media and business. Fraom August 29th to September 9th the games return to England where they were founded as a german-english idea in 1948 in Stoke Mandeville.
At first it was no story of success but after being denied by Munich in 1972, Mexico 1968, Moscow and Los Angeles in 1984 and happened always in replacement locations the spirit of the games kept growing itself. 
1988 at South-Corean´s Seoul the paralympic and olympic summer games were reunited again. In 1996 the games had to be held in partly demolished buildings but better treated at Sydney in 2000 now the Paralympics are the biggest of their times in 2012. More than 4200 sportsmen and sportswomen will compete for 503 decisions.
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