„Threepeat“ for RSV Lahn-Dill

1.450 fans give Joey Johnson honours
Tears of happiness and tears of sadness because of the "good-bye" of three great players were mixed when RSV Lahn-Dill beat RSC Rollis Zwickau by 80:45 (20:12/33:22/56:35) and won the german championship.
It was 9:08pm when Coach Zeltinger gave him the honour he derserves and took him off the court for tha last time after nine years playing for the Wetzlar-team and the crowd gave Joey Johnson a loud and emotional farewell. The last two minutes of the game so became a marginal note when the fand just celebrated their beloved team-captain who will return to his home-country Canada with his family. Before the game started his teammates Steve Serio and Mina Mojtahedi were honored for their two great years by the fans as well.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (29/1 Dreier), Steve Serio (12), Dirk Köhler (11), Joey Johnson (9/1), Thomas Böhme (6), Jan Haller (4), Wataru Horie (4), Gesche Schünemann (3/1), David Amend (2), Thomas Gundert, Mina Mojtahedi, Marco Zwerger.
Zwickau: Bryce Doody (16/2), Adam Erben (13), Raimund Beginski (6), Rostislav Pohlmann (6), Marcin Balcerowski (2), Günther Mayer (2), Frank Oehme, Rainer Müller.

RSV-Magazin Defense