Johnson is the only Canadian who celebrates a win at Wetzlar

71:54-win against Trier – Dirk Passiwan and Michael Paye topscorer
Captain Joey Johnson was the only Canadian on the court who could celebrate a win when he and his team from Wetzlar beat the Immovesta Dolphins Trier with 71:54 (26:10/41:27/56:42)-points. Trier visited Wetzlar with a team packed with Canadian national-team players and-of course- with the German topscorer of the silver-medal-winning national team in Israel: Dirk Passiwan.
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Altogether it was mainly the defensive tactic of RSV´s team that smoothed the way to the important success against the third-seated team of the RBBL.
Although the leading scorer of the RBBL, Trier´s Dirk Passiwan scored another 33 the rest of the team could have been held back by Wetzlar´s defense and it was Michael Paye who had a great offensive night by scoring 26 points in the end.
Through the whole game Trier showed that they improved a lot compared to last season´s game at Wetzlar and Headcoach Zeltinger summed it up in the end: „Trier literally motivated us to show a good performance today. It will be good play-off games next spring, since the teams of Trier, Munich and Frankfurt improved a lot and there will be no safe game for one of the so-called top-teams in the league“.

Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (26/1 Dreier), Dirk Köhler (13), Joey Johnson (8), Thomas Böhme (6), Steve Serio (6), Jan Haller (4), Gesche Schünemann (4), Mina Mojtahedi (2), Felix Schell (2), Thomas Gundert, Wataru Horie.
Trier: Dirk Passiwan (33/1), Janet McLachlan (7/1), Florian Ewertz (6), Chad Jassman (6), Dirk Herrmann (2), Tara Feser, Jamey Jewells, Aaron Moseley-Williams, Dirk Schmitz, James Stewart.

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