Hard work at the bottom of the league

75:46-win over Jena for RSV Lahn-Dill
The team from Wetzlar was able to keep a clean sheet by beating the team from the Jena Caputs at Thüringen by 75:46 (15:18/31:30/57:35). A huge increase in the team-performance was needed during the secons half because the home-team showed a lot of quality in finding the gaps through Wetzlar´s defense.
Playing without Steve Serio and Joey Johnson it was obvious that RSV Lahn-Dill had to del a lot with the new line-ups headcoach Zeltinger sent on the court. "We showed lots of lacks in our defense during the first half", Zeltinger had to admit.
Jena was able to keep up a lead during most of the second quarter and it was Michael Paye for Wetzlar who scored the 31:20 half-time score for his team.
"During half-time we made ourselves clear that we are a great team even without Steve and Joey", Nicolai Zeltiger explained why his players showed a much better performance after the break: After Dirk Köhler marked a 37:32 (22.) US-Guard Michael Paye took the responsibility by scoring 12 points in a row. The 49:32 (27.) was pretty much the game-winning run the team from Wetzlar needed.
It was Gesche Schünemann who scored for the final decision of the game by hitting a shot to the 61:37 (32.) and at the end of the day her headcoach was satisfied with at least twenty minutes of the game. "We need to play 40 minutes like in the second half today next week against Munich if we don´t want to get in trouble." Zeltinger was already looking forward to next Sunday´s game.
Jena: Lars Christink (14), Eric Zinke (9), Mehmet Hayirli (8), Matthias Heimbach (5), Ahmet Coskun (4), Marcus Kietzer (4), Michael Kay (2), Torsten Schüler, Franziska Vogel (n.e.).
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (30), Dirk Köhler (18), Thomas Böhme (9), Gesche Schünemann (8), Thomas Gundert (4), Jan Haller (4), Felix Schell (2), David Amend, Mina Mojtahedi.

RSV-Magazin Defense