Possibly record-breaking third quarter

Hannover United kept pace only during first half
The people who found their way to the August-Bebel-Halle last saturday did not regret to come: It was with no doubt an extraordinary game that the two teams played: After a good first half of RBBL-rookie Hannover United it was a third quarter to remember that made clear who ruled the roost in Wetzlar: RSV Lahn-Dill came into the second half by leading the game with 36:26 points at halftime. Then the team nearly exploded and rolled over the team from Niedersachsen with a never before seen 43:0 quarter. At the end of the game it was a 107:37 (20:12/36:26/79:26)-win on the scoreboard that documented a much more interesting game than it might be expected by such a result.
„I never expected that yet, this third quarter will go down in our club-history for sure“, even Headcoach Nicolai Zeltinger was overwhelmed by his team´s third quarter.

Lahn-Dill: Dirk Köhler (24), Steve Serio (21/1 Dreier), Michael Paye (18), Joey Johnson (13), Thomas Böhme (10), Thomas Gundert (8), Gesche Schünemann (8), Felix Schell (4), Jan Haller (1), Mina Mojtahedi.

Hannover: Tan Caglar (12), Thomas Schröder (11), Michael Möllenbeck (6), Martin Kluck (3), Kai Möller (3), Niko Röger (2), Felix Heise, Nikolaos Kavazis, Eike Gößling, Kosta Tsatsoulis, Andrea Seyrl (n.e.).

pictures by Jörg Theimer unter www.gute-blende.de.

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