Greetings from Canada and USA

Big reunion with old friends
The Tournament of Champions at Charlotte, USA brought not only the best teams in the world together, but was also a reunion of a lot of old friends for the RSV-family: While the men´s tournament was won by the US-Team around Michael Paye and Steve Serio the Canadians with Joey Johnson finished third. The teams from Germany ended up on sixth place (men) and third place (women).
For Canada played together with RSV-captain Joey Johnson his former teammates at Wetzlar Patrick Anderson and Richard Peter, who took the chance to send best wishes to all their friends and fans here in the Wetzlar-area.
Steve Serio and Michael Paye are both looking forward to cause furore in RBBL´s next season with their team from Wetzlar. While Michael Paye and Joey Johnson already landed safely at Frankfurt´s Rhein-Main-Airport Steve Serio will spend a couple days with his family at New York City before he´ll catch his flight back.
Detailed Tournament information of the Tournament of Champions in German language can be found here:

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