Kai Gerlach retires from being a player

Studies and work will have priority

For the 24-year-old Kai Gerlach this was probably the hardest decision in his sporting career after seven season in the RBBL and 18 titles, but since his mathematic-studies come to an end at the University, Kai wants to set focus on looking for a job now.

„We regret Kai´s decision a lot, although we can completely understand him. He was always a very important part of the team and will stay a part of the RSV-family forever“. Kai Gerlach also leaves back the always bitter experience of not being eligible to play in international games, because he has no handicap: „It was always hard that at the end of the season, when it comes to the big games for European Championsleague and World Championsleague, I was not allowed to play with the team", Kai tells about the hard times in his career.
In an exaggerated way said, in these cases the maybe most integrative sport in the world segregates in itself in a way.

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