Filipskis´s three-pointers shatter RSV´s dream in overtime

80:85-loss in a world-class Champions League Final

The new Champions League winner in wheelchair basketball is Galatasaray Istanbul. The team from Turkey beat last year´s champion RSV Lahn-Dill in a dramatic last match of the weekend with 85:80. While Wetzlar was in tears after the game it was IWBF-Europe Commissioner Hans Tukker who found the right words to say: "Sometimes also the runner-up is a true winner!"

Galatasaray Istanbul – RSV Lahn-Dill  85:80 (overtime)

RSV Lahn-Dill started wide awake into the final to defend the cup from last year. Steve Serio´s early scoring to a 8:4(4.) made clear, that the US-Guard was absolutely willing to win his first european cup-final. Galatasaray Headcoach Sedat Inescu reacted quickly by changing his own defense and putting from now on until the end of the game a lot of pressure on RSV´s offensive plays. Though Lahn-Dill could stay up by five points with 20:15 (12.) when Nicolai Zeltinger substituted Köhler and Serio to bring Felix Schell and Thomas Böhme on the court..

Now Istanbul´s point-guard Matt Scott hit two three-pointers and Galatasaray lead by 25:22(16.). But Wetzlar striked back and the scoreboard showed a 33:30 lead for the team from Germany at halftime.

After the break the lead changed from side to side until RSV scored for a 59:55 (35.) before Mateusz Filipski started his "three-pointer-show" and two minutes later the shocked RSV fans and their team saw a 61:67(37.) at the display. But the team from Wetzlar came back again and it was 2.1 seconds to play when Joey Johnson had two free-throws to shoot at the score of 68:69– he made one and the game went into overtime.

Now everything happened very fast and at 80:81 RSV Lahn-Dill was in ball-possesion when a foul stopped the offensive moves and Petr Tucek scored four free-throws to seal the win for Istanbul.

Istanbul: Mateusz Filipski (34/5 Dreier), Ismail Ar (16), Ozgur Gurbulak (15), Matt Scott (14/2), Petr Tucek (6), Fikri Gundoglu, Jaime Mazzi, Volkan Aydeniz (n.e.), Omer Gurkan (n.e.), Ramazan Kahrman (n.e.), Murat Yazici (n.e.).

Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (21), Dirk Köhler (25), Steve Serio (17), Thomas Böhme (2), Joey Johnson (15), Mina Mojtahedi, Felix Schell, Jan Gans (n.e.), Thomas Gundert (n.e.), Gesche Schünemann (n.e.).

Finalspiele, Platz 7

RSC-Rollis Zwickau

Norrköping Dolphins


Finalspiele, Platz 5

CD Fundosa ONCE Madrid

Lottomatica Elecom Rom


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Santa Lucia Sport Rom

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Finalspiele, Platz 1

Galatasaray Istanbul

RSV Lahn-Dill

85:80 n.V.

RSV-Magazin Defense