German DRS-Cup Final Four at Frankfurt

RSV wants to catch up with record champion Munich

The first title-decision in german wheelchair-basketball 2011 will arrive next weekend at Frankfurt when defending champion RSV Lahn-Dill will compete with USC Munich, RSC Rollis Zwickau and the hosting team of the Mainhatten Skywheelers for the German DRS Cup 2011.

It will not only be a goal for Lahn-Dill to defend last years title but also it is a chance to catch up with the record-cup-champion from Munich who won this national title eight times so far.

The semifinals will be played on Saturday, when Munich and Zwickau will compete at 1.30pm and Lahn-Dill will play Frankfurt at 4.30pm.

The final will be played on Sunday at 2pm.

RSV-Magazin Defense