RSV Lahn-Dill renews contract with Steve Serio

23-year-old US-American is one of the key-players

After moving into the final-round for the German Championship RSV Lahn-Dill is happy to announce another positive news: Steve Serio, 23-year-old New Yorker, who came to Wetzlar last summer straight from the University of Illinois, renewed his contract and stays another season with the RSV Lahn-Dill team at least until 2012.

Serio, who is a silver- and bronze medalist with the US national team at Worldchampionships 2006 and 2010, is considered to be the best player with a classification of 3,5 points worldwide. He is an extraordinary important part for Wetzlar´s team. "I feel happy here with the sporting perspective as well as with the personal circumstances concerning the club and the region around Wetzlar" comments the modest athlete his decision.

RSV Lahn-Dill is very happy about Steve´s early decision to stay another year and his friend and teammate Michael Paye is also happy about the fact, that their flat-share will last at least another year.

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