RSV wins with self-confidence at Munich

70:47-success at USC Munich – Strong performance by Steve Serio hitting 85% of his shots

Maybe inspired by its second team RSV Lahn-Dill took home a 70:47 (26:8/37:20/57:34) win from the trip to southern-Germany and heads into the deciding game against Zwickau now with still leading the RBBL-standings by points. Best player at Munich was the member of the US-nationalteam Steve Serio.

Especially during the first quarter it were the US-Players Steve Serio and Michael Oaye who came into the game fast and strong, scoring a 10:2 lead after already 4 minutes played
After the 39:20 lead right after halftime-break by Center Dirk Köhler Munich was able to cut the lead a little bit before Coach Zeltinger reacted and a smaller line-up with Thomas Böhme, Michael Paye and Gesche Schünemann scored up to a 56:32 at the end of the third quarter..

„I´m absolutely satisfied with what we played today and it gives a lot of confidence for the game against Zwickau next week“, Headcoach Zeltinger resumed.

München: Ben Döring (12), Sebastian Magenheim (11), Uli Schmölz (10), Stefan Markus (8), Benjamin Ryklin (4), Sercan Ismail (2), Florian Fischer, Johanna Welin.

Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (19), Steve Serio (16), Thomas Böhme (13/1 Dreier), Joey Johnson (10), Dirk Köhler (8), Thomas Gundert (2), Gesche Schünemann (2), Kai Gerlach, Felix Schell, Mina Mojtahedi.

RSV-Magazin Defense