Team-dominance beats the Cologne 99ers

Captain Joey Johnson with power – Michael Paye Topscorer

Mayne it was not the expected emotional and exciting game against the new team of former RSV-star Patrick Anderson, but in the end a 66:48 (17:8/35:20/55:33)-win for Wetzlar was never doubted during the 40 minutes of the game.

Joey Johnson and Cologne´s Anderson both landed only eight hours before the game at Frankfurt´s airport, coming back early from a meeting with the Canadian nationalteam. Johnson played 40 minutes and gave his team the security it is used to, when the captain is on the court.

The many fans from Wetzlar who took the way to Cologne saw a game that was also marked by the dominance of RSV´s Center Dirk Köhler in rebounding.

Only after Topscorer Michael Paye shot a three-pointer to a 58:33 (32.) Cologne was able to correct the result a little bit until the end of the match. "We played tactically well and took the chance to set up a mark looking forward a possible game against Cologne during the first play-off´s round; especially because they beat Bonn last week“, Coach Zeltinger resumed satisfied.

Cologne: Patrick Anderson (17), Michalis Steriopoulos (14), Jaap Smid (8), Walter Groen (4), Sedar Antac (2), Mark Broeze (2), Gabriel Kasapoglu (1), Andrew Flavell, Patrick Richter, Matthew Rollston, Volker Frings (n.e.).

Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (22/1 Dreier), Dirk Köhler (16), Joey Johnson (11), Thomas Böhme (7), Steve Serio (5), Kai Gerlach (4), Thomas Gundert (1), Mina Mojtahedi, Gesche Schünemann, Felix Schell (n.e.).

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