Entertaining and convincing win against Munich

Youngster Böhme with lots of enthusiasm – many suprises during RBBL´s 7th round

League-leading team from Wetzlar idi not struggle when the german record-champion from USC Munich was hosted at August-Bebel-Gym at Wetzlar and RSV was able to win the game safely by 70:33 (28:4/48:11/62:25). It was especially during the first quarter, when youngster Thomas Böhme started for injured Center Dirk Köhler and was "hot as hell" by scoring 16 points before headcoach Zeltinger gave him a rest on the bench.

1100 fans witnessed an entertaining first half in which the Champion from Wetzlar closed the first quarter with a three-pointer from "downtown" by Gesche Schünemann to a sensational 28:4 (10.) lead. During the second quarter Michael Paye and Steve Serio now rotated in scoring and leading the team to a 48:11 at halftime.

During the second half RSV Lahn-Dill slowed down a little bit and paid tribute to the absence of Dirk Köhler and Felix Schell on center-position. But in the end the scoreboard showed a 70:33 and not only the fans at Wetzlar were satisfied with the entertaining they witnessed.

In the league there were a couple of surprising results this weekend; so was Bonn able to beat Zwickau and Jena beat Cologne.

Lahn-Dill: Steve Serio (20), Thomas Böhme (16), Michael Paye (15/1 Dreier), Gesche Schünemann (9/1), Joey Johnson (4), Kai Gerlach (4), Marco Zwerger (2), Jan Gans, Thomas Gundert, Mina Mojtahedi.

München: Sebastian Magenheim (14), Ben Döring (9), Benjamin Ryklin (6), Sercan Ismail (4), Markus Haberkorn, Uli Schmölz, Johanna Welin.

Pictures by Jörg Theimer at www.gute-blende.de.

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