Happy End after chaotic road-trip to Jena

Clear 78:26 win at Jena – strong performance by Thomas Böhme

Besides winning the first game at Jena in Club-history by 78:26 (17:4/44:6/58:20) this game will be kept in mind for a long time for other reasons too: After the team´s bus broke down on the Autobahn on its way to Jena only a great organisation and a perfect crisis management made the way to have at least the starting-five players on the court in time. With the help of private cars Thomas Böhme, Joey Johnson, Dirk Köhler, Mina Mojtahedi and Michael Paye reached the Werner-Seelenbinder-Gym 15 minutes before gametime. The rest of the team was carried by the bus that brought the fans from Wetzlar to Jena before turning around to collect the players and their equipment.

Although Headcoach Nicolai Zentinger was able to use his first two options from the bench who arrived during the end of the first quarter, it was especially Michael Paye who scored safely and brought his team a first safe 10:2 lead.

Jena: Mehmet Hayirli (6), Andy Ortmann (6), Eric Zinke (6), Lars Christink (4), Markus Legath (2), Torsten Schüler (2), Jens-Eike Albrecht, Wolfgang Böhme, Mathias Brühl, Thomas Friedrich, Santiago Mora, Franziska Vogel.

Lahn-Dill: Steve Serio (22), Michael Paye (14), Thomas Böhme (12), Kai Gerlach (6), Dirk Köhler (6), Felix Schell (6), Gesche Schünemann (6), Joey Johnson (4), Thomas Gundert (2), Mina Mojtahedi, Marco Zwerger.

RSV-Magazin Defense