World-Championscup against Dallas Mavericks, Perth Wheelcats and Miyagi Max

RSV at Warendorf for first round in german cup-challenge
The first round of this year´s german cup-challenge sends the defending team from Wetzlar to Warendorf where RSV has to deal with first league´s Cologne 99ers and if succesfull in this game against the winner of BBC Warendorf against Hot Rolling Bears Essen.
But also the teams to play at the World-Championscup final were announced: Dallas (USA), Perth (Australia) and Miyagi (Japan).
October 12th to 19th will be the second time after 2006 that RSV Lahn-Dill will travel to Japan´s Kitakyushu to compete for the Team World-Cup. The german champion has to deal then with the representing teams from North-America, Australia and Asia which are this year the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks from Texas, australian champion Perth Wheelcats and the asian champion Miyagi Max of Japan´s main island Honshu. After being runner-up in 2006 RSV is focussing on completing the triple of german championship and cup and the european champions-cup with a fourth title at Japan.
Only three days after the trip far east the first german cup-round will be played at Warendorf.

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