RSV Lahn-Dill creates a good basis for the big „showdown“ at Rittal-Arena

87:71-win at Zwickau – Paye outstanding – Köhler injured
The german cup-winner RSV Lahn-Dill created a good basis with the 87:71 (26:19/51:31/66:48) success at RSC-Rollis Zwickau to bring back the german championship back to Wetzlar and has now a 16-poits advantage before the deciding game at Rittal-Arena Wetzlar on April 17th.
Marking a clear statement it was again US-Pointguard Michael Paye who scored four three-pointers in the first quarter and the 24:15 (9.). Over 33:22 (13.) it was now Richard Peter who pushed the score to 44:24 (16.).
After half-time break Zwickau was willing not to be beaten again like they were two weeks ago in the cup-final and they cut the lead down to 57:46 (27.) before it was Center Dirk Köhler and again the outstanding Paye/Peter-connection who scored for a save 61:46 (28.).
During the last quarter at the score of 72:54 (35.) Dirk Köhler suffered a laceration after a not too bad foul and had to be stitched at the Zwickau-hospital. This little shock was used by Zwickau to come back again to a 71:83 (39.) but Gesche Schünemann scored four more points to end up the game with a 87:71 for Wetzlar and saving the 16-points lead which gives a good basis for the "big game" at Wetzlar´s Rittal-Arena next weekend.
Zwickau: Piotr Luszynski (25/1 Dreier), Mateusz Filipski (21/2), Marcin Balcerowski (7), Rostislav Pohlmann (7), Günther Mayer (5), Mehmet Hayirli (4), Matthias Heimbach (2), Rainer Müller (n.e.), Frank Oehme (n.e.).
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (31/4), Richard Peter (21), Joey Johnson (11), Dirk Köhler (8), Patricia Cisneros (6), Gesche Schünemann (6), Thomas Gundert (4), Kai Gerlach (n.e.), Jan Kampmann (n.e.), Felix Schell (n.e.).

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