Marco Zwerger scores the first „100“ at Bordeaux

100:52-win against turkish Besiktas Istanbul
In their 57th game in a european-cup challenge it was the first time in club-history to score 100 points.The RSV waved Besiktas Istanbul off the court with a 100:52 (24:14/47:25/77:42) performance. It was Marco Zwerger, who scored the "100" with five seconds to go from the free-throw line.
Especially captain Johnson and US-Pointguard Michael Paye played an extraordinary defense with 27 points eache. Gesche Schünemann hit two three-pointers to bring the score to a 99:50 (39.) before Zwerger went to the line as described above.
Istanbul: Aytac Ercan (13), Deniz Acar (12), Kaan Dalay (9), Cem Gezinci (7), Mehmet Akin (5), Yilmaz Bülent (2), Colak Can Polat (2), Ahmet Mencik (2), Ali Alu, Yasin Cirgaoglu, Cafer Yumuk, Yasemin Güler (n.e.).
Lahn-Dill: Joey Johnson (27), Michael Paye (27), Gesche Schünemann (18/2 Dreier), Richard Peter (11), Marco Zwerger (7), Dirk Köhler (6), Thomas Gundert (4), Patricia Cisneros, Felix Schell.
RSV-Magazin Defense