RSV ends the regular season with 18 out of 18

82:62-win at Hamburg – Semifinal against ASV Bonn
Even without Center Dirk Köhler and Richard Peter, who was with the Canadian nationalteam this weekend, RSV Lahn-Dill ended the last road trip of the regular season at Hamburg with a 82:62 (18:16/35:28/61:38) success.
The team from Hamburg, who celebrated the success of staying in league one for next season, gave the team from Wetzlar a hard time and it was especially HSV-guard Ahmet Coskun who scored over and over important baskets for his team.
It was Kai Gerlach, who is in incredible condition during this time of the season, who scored in the third quarter the 41:28 (22.) to bring the game on the right path for Lahn-Dill. 
With the 68:44-lead (34.) the game was finally won for Wetzlar, that is looking for another matchup against Hamburg in the cup-semifinal at Zwickau at the end of March.
But it is another semifinal that waits before that: The Championship Play-Off against ASV Bonn will have its first game on the weekend of 20./21. March before the second game at Wetzlar will be played easter-saturday, April 3rd.
Hamburg: Ahmet Coskun (25), Nicolaus Classen (18/1 Dreier), Volker Busch (6), Dirk Thalheim (6), Kai Möller (5), Simone Kues (2), Nicole Seifert (n.e.).
Lahn-Dill: Joey Johnson (25), Kai Gerlach (18), Michael Paye (17), Thomas Gundert (8), Gesche Schünemann (8), Felix Schell (4), Marco Zwerger (2), Patricia Cisneros, Jan Kampmann.

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