RSV wins at Frankfurt without problems

81:59-success at Frankfurt – First 19 minutes decide the game

With a safe 81:59 (24:8/46:32/60:48) win against the Mainhatten Skywheelers RSV stays on top of the league. An extraordinary first half and two hot North-Amaricans made up the game for Wetzlar: Richard Peter and Michael Paye scored together 53 points.
Without Jan Kampmann and Routinier Dirk Köhler the RSV started with a small starting-five in which Joey Johnson played the Center-position. Completely unimpressed of the Frankfurt-team and fans the team around Gesche Schünemann played like they were on a roll- and so the score was 46:19 after 19 minutes.
There was never a doubt of losing this game for Wetzlar who plays now next week at Zwickau- what will probably be the game that will set up the two top-spots for the play-offs.

Frankfurt: Lars Lehmann (20/4 Dreier), Sebastian Wolk (14), Andreas Kress (9), Johannes Hengst (6), Silke Bleifuß (4), Kenon Kahsai (4), Jens Albrecht (2), Nora Schratz, Paul Sznabel, Jörg Wycisk.

Lahn-Dill: Richard Peter (27), Michael Paye (26/1), Joey Johnson (9), Kai Gerlach (6), Marco Zwerger (6), Gesche Schünemann (3), Patricia Cisneros (2), Felix Schell (2), Thomas Gundert.

RSV-Magazin Defense