RSV Lahn-Dill wins against Bonn and Play-Off-ticket

76:52-win against ASV Bonn – Joey Johnson and Michael Paye outstanding
With a 76:52 (19:12/36:22/60:34)-win against ASV Bonn the RSV Lahn-Dill reaches six games before the regular season ends as the first team the play-offs. Captain Joey Johnson and his american teammate Michael Paye both showed an incredible performance last night..
Not only that the Canadian Center scored 23 points but he also had nine rebounds and five steals. US-Pointguard Paye was hot as hell hitting 90 percent from the field and every single free-throw he got when he played 36 minutes and had only one missed shot during the whole game.
But Bonn fought hard and had to compensate some injuries ahead of the game. Youth-nationalplayer Jan Haller did a great job for his team but it was again the third quarter when RSV Lahn-Dill could score 14 points in a row (28.) and never got in trouble after that.
The next homegame on Febraury 13th was resceduled from 7.30pm to 4pm.
Lahn-Dill: Joey Johnson (23/1 Dreier), Michael Paye (21/1), Richard Peter (11), Dirk Köhler (7), Thomas Gundert (6), Marco Zwerger (4), Patricia Cisneros (2), Kai Gerlach (2), Felix Schell, Gesche Schünemann, Jan Kampmann (n.e.).
Bonn: Jan Haller (18), Thomas Becker (11), Tarik Cajo (9), Adam Lancia (8), Edina Müller (4), Alexander von Reth (2), Björn Lohmann (n.e.), Dietmar Raese (n.e.).
pictures by Jörg Theimer here:

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