Homegame against „Belgium“ ends successfully

75:37-win against Roller Bulls St. Vith saves leading-spot
A good start into the year 2010 was made by RSV Lahn-Dill by winning the first game of the year against the Roller Bulls St. Vith, the only belgian team in the RBBL, by 75:37 (21:5/32:16/53:29) and saves the no.1 spot in the league against the hardest component from Zwickau. About 600n fans, among them about 50 from the little town from Belgium, saw Richard Peter and Michael Paye  ending the game as top-scorers.
„Again we showed that the best defense in the league is played here at Wetzlar“, RSV-Coach Nicolai Zeltinger resumed after the game.
After the Bulls marked the first basket of the game when Peter Dries scored the 2:0 for his team, RSV Lahn-Dill answered with a 15-points run. The team around captain Joey Johnson, who ended up with 15 boards, did a great job in taking St Vith´s top-scorers of the last game against the Belgians out of the game and so Juan Bernal didn´t score a single point. Richard Peter showed an incredible performance with 25 points and three assists, by hitting 71% from the court.
After the guests got into foul-trouble and had to finish the game with four players because of the loss of changing options, RSV could mark another 13:0 run and ended the never endangered game easily.
Next week Wetzlar will play at Cologne before January 23rd will be the next home-game against ASV Bonn at 7.30pm.
Lahn-Dill: Richard Peter (25), Michael Paye (23), Joey Johnson (10), Patricia Cisneros (4), Dirk Köhler (4), Marco Zwerger (4), Felix Schell (2), Gesche Schünemann (2), Thomas Gundert (1), Kai Gerlach, Jan Kampmann (n.e.).
St. Vith: Samir Bader (17), Frederic Roloux (6), Christoph Paasch (5), Stefan Veithen (3/1 Dreier), Lorenzo Botterberg (2), Peter Dries (2), Mounir Mojoud (2), Juan Bernal.
pictures by Jörg Theimer here http://gute-blende.fotoportopro.de/gallery.php?gallery=f6d77a111a2d9670.

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